“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” (Carl Rogers, Ph.D.)

Life can seem hard and painful, puzzling and confusing, but it can also be peaceful and content, satisfying and fulfilling. In your therapy, I will work carefully to provide a calm, warm, safe space in which to explore your unique self, and what happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment looks like for you. I will accompany you as you discover meaning and purpose in the face of difficult feelings, experiences, and thoughts. As therapy progresses, we will talk about everything that is important to you; therapy is about you and your life, not just the therapeutic “tricks and tips.” Your body and mind constitute an original and resilient Self, and we will base your therapy on its resources. The point of your therapy is to help you make your life better as you define it, and I will do my utmost to tailor my approach to your needs. As we work together, it is my deep hope that you come to feel that I understand, respect, and honor who you are and what you value.