“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

I work with people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma (accidents, illness, abuse, domestic violence), medical providers (especially in the aftermath of the first two years of COVID-19), and first responders. Further, I assist clients who are struggling with life transitions such as those around retirement, beginning/ending jobs, relationships, graduations or the return to school for adults, marriage/divorce/becoming widowed, pregnancy/birth/postpartum/adoption, and parenting concerns. Also, clients who have been diagnosed with personality disorders are welcome. If you’ve tried EMDR, brainspotting, and/or Accelerated Resolution Therapy for trauma, have received some relief, but still struggle with what it means to have been traumatized, I can help. I can also help if you prefer to address trauma in other ways beyond EMDR, brainspotting, or ART.